Matt Sorger

Matt Sorger PRO

Is there anyway Vimeo could implement time released videos on a schedule? Even if its a feature for Pro account users.

So Lets say I want to upload a video on Friday but I don't want people to view it until Monday morning at 9:am, and possibly be able to que the entire month or 3 months if you wanted. This would be such a useful feature for us.

Is this type of feature in the works or do you have any future plans for this feature. If not any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hey Matt,

We are revisiting our account types in general, but I cannot say if we'll be making changes to how videos are released/upload dates etc.

Right now the upload date is the upload date. However, if you upload a video as private, then set it to public, it should appear in your followers feeds as a "new" video despite displaying the original upload date.

Thanks for your feedback!



I want to second Matt's request. We have material that is released publicly at a specific time/date. Being able to upload a video and then have it go live (public) in the future would be very, very helpful.


Freakpyromaniacs Plus

Indeed! We would be happy with the same option.
We film hundreds of movies each year and for us it's a problem that when the movies needs to be released we are always working on a other project etc.


Storyspark Plus

A "publish on date" feature would be very handy.

Honor The Son

Honor The Son Plus

I use the scheduling feature on Youtube and it makes it very easy to release videos at a set schedule each week. This would be a great feature on Vimeo, one that is really useful.

Dupre + Scott Apartment Advisors

Dupre + Scott Apartment Advisors PRO

me too - i would love to be able to upload on Thursday afternoon and have it go live at midnight - i hate getting up early every Friday morning (yuck!) to upload my new weekly video. Oh, and no, getting up early on any other day of the week would be just as messed up. I do love Vimeo though.

Hillside Community Church

Hillside Community Church Plus

I would find this feature very useful as well. The other function I would like to see added is an uploading timer.
Example: I would like to set my 1.5 gig file to start uploading at 1:00 am when no one is using the internet in the house so the bandwidth is wide open.

Annika Garratt

Annika Garratt

The scheduling feature on youtube is great, it means that I can upload videos months in advance, set the time and date I want it to go live, and then not have to worry about it. Whereas if I upload and make my video private, having to come back later and change it from private to public, I worry that I might forget or am not going to be able to get online and do this at the specific time I want the video to become available. Since the scheduling feature has become available on youtube, I have been able to plan ahead, it's a lot more convenient, and it would be great if vimeo adopted this feature too! If this were a PLUS or PRO feature it may convince me to upgrade!

Ask the Author Sabbath School

Ask the Author Sabbath School Plus

I am a Pro user who seconds this motion! I have a series of videos that are supposed to come out at a set time each week. It would be great to be able to schedule timely release.

walid van B

walid van B

Same here, would really love that, this feature is the only reason I release on youtube rather than vimeo :(

Norges Wrestlingforbund

Norges Wrestlingforbund PRO

Came here and went PRO after reading scheduled publication was possible, but found out that it isn't?
I produce a webTV series and release episodes every Thursday, do I really have to upload manually to get the publishing time right? Sounds meaningless to me...

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