Jonty3000 Plus

I hope that the Vimeo staff are developing the Android app, so that we can finialy view our videos in HQ/HD.

It is quite embarassing and disapointing from a paying PLUS user, that in a social gathering where i have potential clients, that i have to show them a sub par lower quality stream from the android app. I remember having an iphone, and the IQ was better... whether this is due to the smaller screens than an HTC ONE/Galaxy S4, im not too sure.

I trust that staff are working on this issue, and are actually reading the reviews:



Soxiam Staff

The decision at the time of the launch was based on the performance and device support for HD but I will pass along your request to our mobile team. Thanks for your suggestion.


Jonty3000 Plus

Thank you Soxiam. I do dearly hope the mobile team read and listen to the customers.
Youtube have had an HQ (not HD)option from day dot, so it shouldn't have to do with anything in technology of the time it was released, as we want something that isnt potato resolution, and it is now 2013. ... bygone of the potato resolution era.



Jonty3000 Plus

oh.. and the stats have never worked properly on ios or android


Jonty3000 Plus

Hows it all going? Its 2013 now and we have 4G network in most countries, yet the android app still only plays pixelated potato streams. Please listen to your customers (check your customer reviews in your google play store, all negative). It cant be that difficult to alter code to stream HD and make bugs like Stats work.

I am only pushing this because... it is 2013 , not 1999. :)

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

The Android app has a long overdue update coming, but unfortunately we cannot comment on ETAs :(

Mantas Jockus

Mantas Jockus Plus

I still cnnot believe you dont update the android app?? android dominates the market. the quality is really really bad!

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

We understand that and have plans to replace the Android app in the near future, keep an eye out for updates!

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