Dancing Dog Productions

Dancing Dog Productions Plus

I find the existing Hubnut not satisfying. I would love to see a new one that would be customizable.


Soxiam Staff

i don't know when we will spend time on it yet, but we agree that the hubnut is due for refresh. if there's some specific aspects of customization you want to see in the future versions, let us know.


pleabo Plus

Hubnut has worked nicely on my MovieMaker home page pleabo.home.comcast.net/~pleabo/MovieMaker/ but as a new owner of an iPad2 I find that the Hubnut player doesn't show.

HTML5 version please. The Universal Player shows nicely on the iPad, but just for one video, not a Channel or other collection. Thanks for listening.


Soxiam Staff

Yes, the next version of hubnut, or even a new widget, will most likely be built in HTML5.

Constant Cinema

Constant Cinema Plus

Just in terms of aesthetics, I'd love it if the widget began with the center thumbnail and then one to the left as well as right - it would look more balanced. Yeah, that's petty, I know. How about this then: a parameter when creating the widget that lets you set the first video. Okay, another petty one: A cover-flow appearance would be nice. Thanks guys

Another Film Company

Another Film Company Plus

Just wanted to chime in here and say that I am also looking forward to a revised version of Hubnut. Customization ov er how it moves from one clip to another similar to the number of options you have for Embedding would be brilliant. Is there anything to report?
Thank you!

Fusion Street Ministries

Fusion Street Ministries Plus

I really like the Hubnut widget. The only issue I have with it is it's inability to play on iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone. Any news on the update for this?


Soxiam Staff

Yes, we have a plan to update our widget to use HTML5 in the future so it will be usable on devices that don't support flash.

Matt Dollings

Matt Dollings Plus

That's great to hear a new hubnut is in the pipeline. I hope the layout design of it will be better. I would really like to see an enticing playlist rather than a box with floating boxes in. Hubnut is perfect for me to put a showreel on the front page of my website but it has to look beautiful to encourage clients to look at my work.

Nick Boxwell

Nick Boxwell Plus

I just took a look at the hubnut and besides al that has been mentioned, just a few things I'd like to see to make it more aesthetic:
1) It really should be in a wide screen format these days.
2) More of an expanding animation when something is clicked to play. The sudden window fill is harsh when compared to the smooth rotating of the clips.
3) Maybe an option to cycle back around endlessly, this would help fill in the awkward empty spot on the left hand side when the hubnut first loads, and provides a better visual cue as to what the thing does.

Denbigh Baptist

Denbigh Baptist PRO

We are getting ready to launch a new site for our church (one that is geared to mobile devices). Many of our members use iPhones and iPads as there main way to access the internet. We desperately need the hubnut widget to work with iOS. One of the main reason we went with Vimeo for our video storage was the automation associated with the widgets. Any word?

View the Vibe

View the Vibe Plus

Hi, I like the idea of the Hubnut widget, however I read in the FAQ that it will only show upwards of 100 videos, potentially (were someone to actually take the time to scroll through all). However, in the upcoming version, will there be an option to randomly show, say, 10 or 20 videos from one or more of your channels? This would be an amazing customization that for us would prove a perfect solution to our client videos displaying on our website's sidebar (link attached). Any word on if this is a feature currently being explored? If I need to clarify further, please let me know. Thanks!

Link: viewthevibe.com/food-drink/

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