Generations Church

Generations Church Plus

I would like to be able to set a custom image/text for the "Sorry, This video will be available for viewing shortly." placeholder that is shown when I embed a (still uploading/converting) new video on our own website. So, instead of the Vimeo landscape image with the default "Sorry..." text, it could instead be our logo image and something like "Check back soon, it's almost ready!", make sense?

Even better... a custom image/text placeholder (as detailed above) with a dynamic progress bar indicating the percent/time left until viewable (like that seen on my Vimeo page when my upload is still converting.)

You guys rock, thanks!


Soxiam Staff

Sorry but for now I think it's a niche case that will require development and complication to the user interaction.

Northridge Media

Northridge Media Plus

We're looking for this exact same thing! Has it been implemented at all?


Mitzvites PRO

Just restarting this thread. I disagree that it will complicate the user interaction and feel that for a Pro account it should be included. I do not feel that we need a custom image and our logo, that would be ideal, but I can certainly live with the Vimeo background image, I would just like the ability to customize the actual text. That will actually benefit our users as they get confused by the current default Vimeo message.

Thanks very much for your time and consideration.

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