Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

You can now choose a thumbnail from any video in the Album, or keep the default thumbnail, which is the last video added to the Album.

We will make it possible to upload a custom thumbnail for your Channel in the very near future. This should be released very soon, keep an eye on our Blog for updates:

Aquinas College Catechetics

Aquinas College Catechetics Plus

The thumbnail for my channel (NOT my logo) is currently a snapshot of video #10. But I don't want that video to be my snapshot even though this one is nice.

I've tried moving videos and have played around with all the various features I felt safe to change... Is there a way we can choose specific videos to highlight there?

Thanks! Aquinas College Catechetics.



Soxiam Staff

Channels are always represented by the thumbnail of the latest video added to that channel. Currently there's no way to customize this.

Touchstone Christian Fellowship

Touchstone Christian Fellowship Plus

Is Vimeo working on a way to customize this? It would be really nice to be able to specify which video serves as the thumbnail for my channel(s) (and also for my albums).
Thank you.


Soxiam Staff

Hello James. We don't get this request that often and many users use the thumbnails in their channels page to check which channel has had new videos added.


Celemi PRO

we agree with james. it would be really neat to have this as an option. please consider this.

Filmside Istanbul

Filmside Istanbul Plus

I am very frustrated that there is no option to do this, having just paid $200 for a subscription. Big thumbs down guys - this is a must in our opinion.

Scott Macrae

Scott Macrae

Couldn't agree more. I am currently adding old videos to my showreel, but really want the option of a selected image of my newest actual projects displayed. Please consider an option to select still as channel thumbnail!!!

Will Taylor

Will Taylor

YouTube is doing this so clearly there is a demand and place for it. I agree, would be helpful :)

our TOP5 hotlist

our TOP5 hotlist Plus

Hello! I added a new video and thought that the thumbnail would change. But when I share the link on Facebook, the link that shows up is from the previous video? Did I miss something in settings?



Soxiam Staff

There will be some lag between when the new video is added to a channel and when our API is updated when it's shared on facebook. Can you try deleting and sharing it again on facebook? Facebook is typically very aggressive with their cache so you might need to try it several times.

Mirjam Letsch

Mirjam Letsch Plus

My channel thumbnail is NOT changing to the latest video... It's not even the thumbnai I selected, but a thumbnail created automatically. I don't want that image to respresent the channel!
see link!



Soxiam Staff

Hi Mirjam. Did you recently select or upload a new thumbnail for that video? If so, it could just be cache related issue which will take a little time to catch up and update.

Mirjam Letsch

Mirjam Letsch Plus

Thank you Soxiam, that must have been the case. It looks good! Still!

Mirjam Letsch

Mirjam Letsch Plus

No sorry, it doesn't look good, it's still an old image (of at least a week ago!)

Filmside Istanbul

Filmside Istanbul Plus

I am very frustrated that there is no option to do this, having just paid $200 for a subscription. Big thumbs down guys - this is a must in our opinion.

Jhana Studios

Jhana Studios

As a plus member I would also appreciate this feature

Robert Scarborough

Robert Scarborough Plus

I HATE that you can't change to channel thumbnail. It is very frustrating. It seems like a very simple fix. I am a PRO customer and I need control over this function as my clients see the page with the channel thumbnail first before they get to the actual videos. Can we please fix this.

Mark Tassoni

Mark Tassoni Plus

Seriously, Vimeo. We should be able to completely control the thumbnails. Zenfolio has this nailed. Can you reference?

Sheetal Gandhi

Sheetal Gandhi Plus

I found this thread because I am also trying to change the thumbnail that features my channel. It's such an obvious requirement when the thumbnail is the image that represents the whole channel, and so ridiculous that we don't have any control over this!! I wouldn't even consider upgrading until this is fixed.

Reservoir Films

Reservoir Films Plus

Agreed. It'd be a great to have the ability to change a channel's thumbnail.

November Seven Films

November Seven Films Plus

What the hell???
So I now have a small indecipherable line of text as my channel thumbnail? That's ridiculous!
How can you not be getting severe amounts of requests for this?

This is something I expected to be a given, especially after upgrading...

New PixelForge

New PixelForge Plus

It would be very nice functionality, there is a simple workaround though. You can prepare a short (5 sec) movie with your channel logo, upload, make it private and add it to your channel as the last movie. Works perfectly:)


zalexfilm Plus

What the flip, why is vimeo not solving this issue. Should be no big deal!!!!

Agreed, not being able to have some control over the channel thumbnail is a major drawback and while it may be a relatively low request, is a fairly easy fix and would be less annoying if properly implemented.

Melissa Greer Solomon

Melissa Greer Solomon Plus

I agree, too, and take issue with the idea that few care about this. Any update to share with us, Vimeo Gods?

Orchis Media Limited

Orchis Media Limited Plus

Ummmmm... I don't think this "first video being the thumbnail" thing is working.

Please advise... I even had a prospective client literally just now ask me why, if I'm pitching for whizzy/youthy promo stuff, do I have a pic of an old man as my channel pic....

Orchis Media Limited

Orchis Media Limited Plus

Yup... confirmed. Just uploaded a new vid... Added it to a channel... it's thumbnail has become the thumbnail of the channel despite the video it refers to is buried on page three.
Fancy fixing it before you bail to the pub?

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

You can custom arrange the order of the channel's videos to change your thumbnail, but unfortunately that is the only option at this time. We hope to make this better when we revisit the features that collections offer.

Storm Creative

Storm Creative PRO

Are you ever going to get round to changing this? It's been over a year. It just looks so noddy and doesn't require a complete site rebuild to fix. Sort it out Vimeo.

Ulf Brantas

Ulf Brantas PRO


Sadly the channel thumbnail refuses to change regardless of the order I arrange them in. Even if I erase videos and re-import them. A bug perhaps? Annoying? Yes!

Grateful for some constructive assistance.




I agree this needs to change. I mean they do it on plenty of 'upload sites' like ideas tap. I honesty don't think it is something very difficult to fix. People often want a thumbnail that represents the channel.

James Ewart

James Ewart Plus

Plenty of requests now and it surely can't be that complex a feature to add.


SiliconPixel PRO

Come ON Vimeo - get this sorted. It's SUCH AN EASY thing to change - I want to be able to set a custom thumbnail or the video that determines the thumbnail.

Can't believe that you've been so slack for over a year - Terrible!

Setting video order to manual and re-ordering does not change the thumbnail!

Motiv Productions

Motiv Productions Plus

We know a few web developers if you're having trouble Mr Vim? Being able to choose a thumbnail for individual channels is a must.

Other than that a great website for us, so very happy with our new purchase!



RKW Plus

Hurry up and get it fixed -we really need to be able to customize this! Thanks

Andrew Dumond

Andrew Dumond

Yea, couldn't agree more...This sucks! It can't be hard to do...Have it let you choose from the thumbnails off your video list! SIMPLE

Gregory J Thorsby

Gregory J Thorsby Plus

Hi. For once its not just me.
Im going to have to go back to the video that has the random thumbnail
and hopefully find a better one.
Vimeo could fix the problem.
C'mon guys. Make our weekend.



This a weird feature. Why can't I choose my own .jpg for my own channel ?

Fish'n Canada Show

Fish'n Canada Show PRO

Everything should be customizable within reason.

Replacing a frame the Vimeo software chose with a user's choice of JPG should be a minimum. Thank you.

Walt Hyneman

Walt Hyneman Plus

Request VIMEO. Your support has provided this link as the place to request a feature.

Clearly from reading the above, many users are requiring the ability to upload images to represent their channel thumbnails. Only if the account has a high volume of new video uploads, would users rely on vimeo to randomly choose an image from the "latest" video upload (as these users may not care or do not have the time to upload). Most users upload a modest number of video and these users require complete control for representing their channels. In my case I showcase different reels and use these reels for employment purposes. Having "just the right" image on a channel is extremely important.

I love vimeo, I always recommend it and I think it is the best video depot currently around. The ability to upload a user image to represent a channel thumbnail is a basic feature. This feature will help complete the high degree of customization provided by vimeo so many clients enjoy.


Chief Yak

Chief Yak Plus

Vimeo, at least add an FAQ and say that the channel thumbnail cannot be changed. Right now people spend time trying to find a solution with growing frustration.

Matthew Skelton

Matthew Skelton

+1 This seems like a very simple feature - why is this taking so long to implement?!

Julian Mather

Julian Mather PRO

I am not able to upload or select a frame for the thumbnail ... it just wont lock an image in. is there a general problem on this. I have had no problems with the previous 300 videos of mine

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

There were thumbnail creation issues overnight, however those issues have since been resolved.

Micah O'Keiley

Micah O'Keiley

I also vote for this to be added!
I would love to be able to change the thumbnail!


Agbor Plus

Adding this feature will be a life saver for me.
Please vimeo guys, do something.

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