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Zooppa Intern 10k-250k film grants from Mountain Dew active 1
Zooppa Intern
Matthew Gainty Looking for submissions: Kurgo Products 'Go Together' Video Contest active 1
Matthew Gainty
Hyperphotonic Media 2014 Fort McMurray International Film Festival active 4
Mark Rigler Plus
Jack Fleming Films Christ School Film Festival active 2
Mark Rigler Plus
Cecilia Pasqualicchio Call For Entries - Trenton Film Festival 2014 active 3
Gab Ferneiné Plus
David W. King Short film showcase debuts, still needs your submissions active 24
Ceazar Orjaliza
Murray Suid Movie Trailer Contest--$5,000 Grand Prize active 33
Gab Ferneiné Plus
Jenova 7 I need music for my upcoming film, "Endorphin" active 61
Gab Ferneiné Plus
W Siegfried Jerrett Writers wanted by filmmakers. Filmmakers wanted by writers. active 27
Gab Ferneiné Plus
Paul Bruce Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2013 Call for Entries active 26
Gab Ferneiné Plus
cortometrajes Short Films online in Facebook (cortometrajes) active 87
Gab Ferneiné Plus
Alexander Lukin International Festival of Multimedia Art "Multimatograf-10! active 2
Gab Ferneiné Plus
Nancy Cross 60 Seconds or Less Call for Entries - due by April 14, 2014 active 2
Gab Ferneiné Plus
Đặng Ngọc Đến DU LICH CAMPUCHIA GIA RẺ HÈ 2013 active 6
Gab Ferneiné Plus
S10Videobiennale Videobiennale 2014: Call for Fashion video, Documentary, Independent & experimental cinema active 2
Gab Ferneiné Plus
Marysia Milewska Grand Off 2014: Call for Submission! active 3
Gab Ferneiné Plus
Geoffrey Robe Call for entries for the CORNWALL HORROR FEST - Showcasing the best horror shorts from UK filmmakers active 2
Gab Ferneiné Plus
Ian Cherico Hillbilly horror show active 2
Gab Ferneiné Plus
MIRA Festival VISUAL OPEN CALL MIRA Festival active 23
Gab Ferneiné Plus
Darko Radisavljevic Soul Junction Art Fest - Call for Submissions active 65
Gab Ferneiné Plus


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