Jhonna Tirpak

Jhonna Tirpak

If you are someone who loves to produce short films, videos or adverts, this is definitely the competition you should be in!

Zooppa is working with Ellen, and hosting a video competition open to all filmmakers to create shareable video that can net them prize money from a pool of $30,000!!

The challenge is: to create an on-air promo, 25 seconds long, that celebrates Ellen and the positivity she sends out into the world. Highlight the special connection she shares with her fans, and why her show matters.
Detailed information and rules are listed on our brief page: zooppa.com/contests/celebrate-ellen/brief

Zooppa hosts an ongoing list of video contests for big clients. You can also check us out at zooppa.com/contests.

Link: zooppa.com/contests/celebrate-ellen/brief

Richard Gaspa

Richard Gaspa Plus

Memorial Day 2013 vimeo.com/66689633

My name is Richard and I am a Vietnam veteran. I served in Vietnam at the age of seventeen after lying about my age to join the Army. At the time it was my way out of the projects and a very bad family life. After forty years I am just coming with grips of what I seen and experience in Nam. I am just now able to view many of the photos that I took in nam. I created this tribute to many of the brothers and friends that I lost in Vietnam after being told by my PTSD doctor at the VA it would be good therapy. This is my experience in photos with what I could not say in words. vimeo.com/66689633

Please Be sure to turn on your sound before viewing. Although you have no way of knowing the reasons why, the photos and music have all been selected for very personal reasons. vimeo.com/66689633

Link: vimeo.com/66689633

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