Known Issues   Posts Updated
Tommy Penner Captions/subtitles not appearing on iOS 8 devices 0
Mikey Perry Problem with Vimeo and Google+ 1
Mikey Perry Staff
Zena Hirsch Upload progress resetting to 0% 0
Tommy Penner Issues with Vimeo app for Samsung 0
Andrew Tate Playback issues on Windows 1
Andrew Tate Staff
Andrew Tate Important Updates for PRO Portfolios and VODs using custom domains 1
Andrew Tate Staff
Topics   Posts Updated
АО ТК Айти-тур i have PRO account, but I need more than 20Gb upload per week active 1
АО ТК Айти-тур PRO
Hitched Wedding Films Embedded videos don't show up on my website when viewed on a phone or tablet active 2
Mark Staff
Chris Weatherly New Comments Not Appearing active 2
Mark Staff
james rinehart My videos won't play in Apple TV app active 7
Mark Staff
dennis brooks Thumbnail doesn't show in embedded video active 21
Mark Staff
Stacy Corbett Video Thumbnail Not Displaying on Facebook active 2
Mark Staff
Ken Paul Rosenthal URGENT: T Barr Has Illegally Uploaded my film, 'Crooked Beauty' active 4
Mark Staff
Ruslan Sokolov Почему я не могу активировать 1080р в "Upgrade this video"? active 2
Mark Staff
Matt Schwarz Player Captioning Feedback active 195
Mark Staff
angus massey major bummer this video can't be played with your current set up active 6
Mark Staff
PIX IN MOTION by Leo Bar Sharing of video is not working when sending more than 50 emails? active 13
Andrew Tate Staff
Hugo Bertrand Sharing video in Facebook issue active 17
Mark Staff
CYK View full size / View actual size button does not work in Internet Explorer 11
by CYK Plus
active 10
Mark Staff
Gary Bird Thumbnail quality has deteriorated again to an unacceptable level active 24
Mark Staff
2 Minutes Custom logo not showing on embedded player active 55
Mark Staff
Stefan Driess video takes still a long time ( hours) to load to vimeo from Imovie active 2
Mark Staff
Mark Stats incorrect 9/16 or 9/17 locked 1
Mark Staff
Geaux Media iPad App: "Watch Later" / "Retry" error every 3-4 uses active 4
Tommy Penner Staff
Clare Cui Unable to share private album active 2
Mark Staff
Xposure Films "Sorry, there was an issue with playback." Getting this error on every video on my page active 10
Mark Staff


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