Kevin C

Kevin C

Is it possible to batch delete multiple videos or do we need go into each video manually and hit delete?

Thank you,


Mark Staff

No, sorry. This is something we're working on though.

Alex Dao

Alex Dao Staff

Hi Greg, this is certainly something that gets requested often so we will keep pushing this forward. Thanks for your patience!

Eve Erickson

Eve Erickson Plus

Yes, this feature would really help me want to recommend Vimeo to my friends more. Currently, deleting a batch of videos is a royal pain.



Deleting one video at a time is tedious. Please fix it even though you clearly don't care about the issue.

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

User experience and satisfaction is top priority for us. That being said, keep in mind that with millions of users with millions of videos, features take time to develop, test, and build out. Updates and changes to PRO are on their way, and we appreciate your patience in the meantime.

808 Post and Production

808 Post and Production PRO

I have been avoiding my PRO account for a while because of the mysterious lip sync and lack of batch delete issues

Carles Gené

Carles Gené Plus

Please, fix the batch deleting thing. It's boring, tedious, and pre-digital.


Mark Staff

It's coming in the future.

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