James Brierton

James Brierton Plus

I love you guys dearly. I've been a customer for three years and in that time have recommended many to try your site. I however recently had a frustrating experience. I was nearly the end of my latest term and my account was coming up for automatic renewal. I had no idea. I would have liked an e-mail heads-up that my credit card was about to be hit. I may be in trouble with my bank now because they claim my account overdrew when the Vimeo auto-renewal hit. It certainly wasn't a matter if I was going to renew. I love you guys. I just wish I had known it was time to renew because then I would have made sure the funds were there and wouldn't be in this situation with my bank. As a result, I've disabled auto-renew but as a suggestion I would like to recommend Vimeo consider sending e-mails to folks who are about to be charged.


PS: I'm not sure this is really a forum issue but I couldn't find a basic e-mail address to contact billing support that way


Mark Staff

Hey James! I'm sorry about that. We actually do send out multiple automatic reminder emails but they must have been blocked by your provider or caught in a spam filter.

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