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I have been having issues with my videos when it comes to being able to play on mobile devices (namely Apple products). I am converting the video in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 with the Vimeo 720p settings as a H.264. There are some people that I distribute the video to that have had issue seeing it on their computers as well (no rhyme or reason if people are on PC or Mac or which OS they are using, I am still trying to track that down...) But this has been an issue for some time and I have not had time to post on the discussion board about it. Just for a little bit more, the raw video is off of a Sony video camera and is in .MTS format before I edit it through Premiere Pro. The intro I have at the top of my video is in a different format and the audio has always worked there. I really am kind of at my wits end because I made the move to Mac and no longer can use the program that I was used to using and need to try and find a fix and am hoping that maybe there is just a setting to change.

Link: vimeo.com/66170314


Mark Staff

Can you describe the issue? What are you hearing?


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The video open (made in After Effects) has perfect audio but when we get to the actual "interview" part of the video it is somewhere between a static-like sound and other electronic sounding garbage sound. It is not a sync issue where the audio is there but just not matched up with the video, it is just as if the audio track is not getting through correctly. I have even tried uploading it to some other servers and I think it maybe there is an issue with how it is being compressed through Premiere Pro CS6. The defaults for audio are AAC format with the AAC codec, sample rate 44100 Hz, Stereo.Audio Quality: High, Bitrate 320kbps Under advanced settings: Precdence is set to Bitrate.

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Hey there, this is caused by one of your audio channels being 180 degrees out-of-phase from the other. Basically the iPhone is combining the left and right audio channels into one channel to play back through the single speaker. With out-of-phase audio, when the channels are combined they cancel each other out.

The only way to fix this is to bring the audio/video into your editor and to either flip one audio channel 180 degrees, or nudge one channel ahead a couple frames/ milliseconds.

Take a look at this article that explains audio phase a little bit more:

Link: uaudio.com/blog/understanding-audio-phase/

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