We want to embed a video in our ssl-certified website. As advertised in your FAQ we added some "https" to your embed-link and added the iframe to our code. On page-load everything looks fine, the ssl persist. Unfortunately, once we hover the video player the ssl breaks. Apparently due to some insecure content in the body > player > video-wrapper > video cover > flideo cloaked - division.

We really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance!


Mikey Perry

Mikey Perry Staff

Is this affecting playback for you at all? We're having no issues on our end, but we do see the message you're referring to. We believe it might have something to do with your site's setup because we do not have any other reports of this occurring elsewhere. PRO

I have to agree with TVID. I'm forced to change my footer now over a SSL connection. If the user happens to hover over the video image it will break ssl, thus the user will lose trust in the site.

For some reason I thought the PRO membership would take care of this...



Gleeclub Plus

Plus one for this. Could you consider offering a more expensive package for SSL?

Skybridge Community

Skybridge Community Plus

Ditto. We need this to work over SSL without the security message being triggered by unsecured content being loaded on mouseover. This is a usability issue for anyone who has a site and is offering vimeo videos over SSL to visitors. If you charge slightly more for SSL capabilities just from the folks on this thread you would likely have most of your costs covered to implement another SSL Certificate.

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