Steinkel Plus

I'm stuck with video uploaded and it does not start the Conversion process. This is my second video after purchasing plus, dont know what is wrong

Klaus Wagner

Klaus Wagner

Since yesterday I have tried about five times to upload my first video. It always failed despite the fact that I fully complied with the rules reg. codec, speed and size. Since my last try VIMEO shows the processing screen for over five ours. Is this the normal time?


Mark Staff

Hi Klaus! Can you try uploading via an alternate browser?

Klaus Wagner

Klaus Wagner

Thanks for your quick reply, Mark.
I forgot to mention that I tried Firefox as well as IE. Both bhad the same poor result.

Derek Beck

Derek Beck Staff

Did you follow our recommended compression settings when exporting the video? Sometimes poor compression settings can cause an upload to fail.

Vimeo FAQ:

Klaus Wagner

Klaus Wagner

Hi Derek! Yes, I studied your compression rules. After several failures I set the following settingsin Windows Movie Maker: 640 x 360 px, Bitrate 2000 and 29,97 F/sec

Zena Hirsch

Zena Hirsch Staff

Hi there, I'd like to troubleshoot this issue in greater detail with you. Please use the form at and add "Assign to Zena" at the top of your message. Be sure to describe the issue you are experiencing in detail, and provide links to any relevant screenshots or videos. We'll get to the bottom of it! Thanks.

Darnell Witt

Darnell Witt Staff

Hi Klaus, Sorry for the delay! Zena is currently working on a bunch of cases. I just reminded her on your case and you'll be hearing back via email shortly.

Itinéraire bis

Itinéraire bis

It says
"We’ve got some good news for you: Your video will begin converting momentarily. If you have other things to do besides stare at this screen, you can leave this page and we’ll email you when your video is ready to watch."
But it's a long time now...!


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