Jon Brunberg

Jon Brunberg Plus

I just got this email: "Bummer news: your Vimeo Plus membership has been downgraded to a Basic account. Either we were unable to charge your credit card, or you did not log in and renew your membership." this suprised me since I've renewed my membership automatically since the start.

When I click the link to upgrade I come to checkout, I choose my previously added card as payment method and click "place order" - then I'm taken to where I'm clicking "Get plus now annual fee" and come back to the checkout. Nothing is changed, no confirmation of the upgrade, just an infinite clicking loop. I haven't checked my bank account yet (I hope I'm not billed several times) but it sure seems like nothing is happening.

Can someone please explain how I upgrade or tell me if there are issues with the billing that I should know about. I really need the plus account working.

Thank you! Kind regards, Jon

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Hi Jon, the card you had saved with us was expired. You have not been charged.

Can you try purchasing Plus again with a new/updated card? If you have any more purchasing issues, contact us using the form below and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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