Derek Beck

Derek Beck Staff

It looks like your video is currently displaying in 1080p.


Glen PRO

Amber, if your source video has black bars around it then the actual video itself is not 1080p, it is in fact a lower resolution video that someone has re-encoded at 1080 and the bars have been added to fill out the extra pixels between what your video is, and the 1920x1080 pixels that make up HD video.

vimeo will play back this video

Darnell Witt

Darnell Witt Staff

Hi there,

First go here and check off the option to save your source files: (We need your source file in order to re-convert at 1080p)

Then, go here and use the "Replace" option to re-upload your video:

Then, once the file has been replaced, you'll be able to select the 1080p option and upgrade the file from the same place.


Glen PRO

you cannot have the 1080 option if your source video (the one you upload to vimeo) is not 1080.

8bitX Network

8bitX Network PRO

Interesting, going to try that now. May I ask why I have to double upload to get the conversion?


Mark Staff

Because you uploaded it at 720p. You need to upload 1080p source.

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