I have found out hard way about "no TV" policy, wanted to get to know the extent of it and there seems to be precious little other than: marking "TV crap" is encouraged :) Simply posting an excerpt of TV show would obviously be a violation but would it include all and any use of TV (news) footage in a clip?

What a about clips that incorporate soundbites or clips created for polemical or critical purposes - for example, the politics stuff? It is next to impossible that any "average" person would be able to enter a press briefing to shoot his own video...

Three videos to illustrate a point (it may be a bit hard to judge, because language spoken is Latvian..):


this quotes two of the more extreme examples of sexual "diversity education" from news, quotes a policy proposal from activist group, incorporates news footage with quote from a political activist about the necessity of teaching "sexual diversity" in schools, contrasts it with some fragments shot at gay pride events and urges the viewers-parents to ask what their children are taught at school. It also incorporates link to "anti" political activist group which agreed to carry the video on their website (I'm not affiliated with the group, clip was created on own volition).


This was a video announcement - invitation to a demo created in conjunction with recent political event in Latvia - ratification of border traty with Russia. It incorporates some time remapped and otherwise "spiced up" news footage taken from a public broadcasting channel: two "punchy" quotes of politicians and scene of signing of the agreement.


This has got English subtitles so you can understand it too. It is supposed to ba acarricature of Latvian PM by contrasting a quote of him boasting in parliament with quote of German chancellor at press conference at EU-Russia summit.


And finally, this is a "controversial" quote (it contains kind of a a f-word) of street interview in conjunction with presidential elections in Latvia taken from a public broadcasting channel. It is "controversial" also because regulator went after some "perps" at the channel for letting this go on air.

With the exception of perhaps the last clip, where only some minor sound work was done, I would argue that the purpose is not per se posting of the "TV crap" - the "TV crap" is part of another work created by me. I'm not a lawyer, but believe it violates no copyright (at least in Latvia fair-use provisions permit reproduction of fragments and quotes of copyrighted work in for polemical or critical purposes).

And to formulate a question: would all of these clips be against "no TV" policy, is all of use of TV footage objectionable, or is there some room for flexibility?

Thanks for any explanations


bk Plus

From my experience here, I think the "no tv" policy is a pretty wide, grey line. I think you'll be okay as long as you're using them in a documentary-montage style, as you seem to be doing. Between careful cutting and creative editing (time remapping, sound design, video filters) you are making something that goes beyond the purpose of the original footage. The same wouldn't hold true if, for example, somebody were to make a Naruto music video, cut together to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I think that you'll be alright, as long as you continue to go beyond the usuaul "omg look at this clip from the news!" mentality of other video sites.



A lot of people have included old film from the prelinger archives into their videos. I think it's the same for tv shows. As long as it's mixed in and creative, not just a complete copy of a show.

dalas verdugo

dalas verdugo Staff

Yeah, if you are obviously making a new video from other source material, it's ok. We just want to stop people from uploading things DIRECTLY from TV.



Thanks for clarification, dalas verdugo.

Having looked around a bit, I'm well aware which clips from my old account may have been "out of place" at Vimeo. Also, ignorance of policies is no excuse and I obviously have no idea what would it mean in terms of additional time and effort required, but may I suggest:

if it's not the case of "blatant violation", please consider giving some sort of notice/reasonable time period to comply with the policy.

At the moment it looks like - puff! and everything is irrecoverably gone :) Which can be quite devastating if there is some kind of site/blog linking to the videos, and you didn't suspect it's coming .

And using an opportunity: Vimeo is a great service; quality of converted video is superior to everything I have seen, audio is acceptable and, combined with the ability to easily provide viewer with the download option, and now the ability to choose/upload thumbs, it's perfect for me. Keep up the great work! :)

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