I have tried three times to upload a video in the past half hour. At the end of each of the uploads, I get the following error message:

"Shit! We had trouble converting this video. If you are the owner, please try re-uploading or contact Vimeo help."

Anybody else experiencing the same problem today?

If yes, who can we report this problem to? Vimeo help doesn't give any solutions.


dalas verdugo

dalas verdugo Staff

We are aware of the problem now, and we will resolve it shortly. People do not need to send me any more emails, thanks!


Soxiam Staff

yes, i'm having the same problem here. i'm hoping it's a momentary glitch with the uploader or transcoder.



ahhh... wish I had checked here before trying three times.

Ted Roden

Ted Roden Alum

Is this still happening?

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