jeff chin

jeff chin

Since this is the general discussion page, thought I'd gripe a little. Nothing about vimeo, I love vimeo, but I was trying to check out some videos of people playing their guitars, so I searched for "guitar". It was really annoying to try to bypass all of "ilikecrisps" terrible videos! ( Not to mention almost every single one of his thumbnails is a tye died screen, and all the videos are labeled "Instrumental", and I think he's playing the same drivel in all 294 videos but with a different t-shirt on. Is there a way to remove a user from search results (or from vimeo???)? He has 294 videos of the same thing!!!


Blake Whitman

Blake Whitman Staff

This isn't very constructive. Just because you can't find many other videos of people playing guitar, doesn't mean you should insult someone who is being creative and uploading videos. These comments may be common and acceptable on other video sites, but Vimeo is a respectful community and we would appreciate you keep thoughts like these to yourself.

And the answer to your question is no.



You seriously have to praise his commitment to spending four hours recording rubbish, finding 294 different tye-dye pictures and owning 294 different t-shirts.


charliesteadman Plus

What? Please ask for a vimeo "NOT" feature in queries so unwanted results won't be shown. You can probably also use Google to find vimeo specific videos with NOT parameters.

BTW, no one likes to hear their videos are terrible. I'm sure you wouldn't. Be kind please.

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