Alex Itin

Alex Itin Plus

quite a bit of my old videos come up as black when they are not being played. They still play fine, but there is no reference image there.

Also, what happened to the feature where you can choose the frame you want to use for the reference image?

Is this coming back?

Anyway things are looking great on the sight in general.

Blake Whitman

Blake Whitman Staff

Hey Alex, can you provide a link to the videos in question. And as far as the thumbnail image, you can change that in the Clips Settings, which is located on the top right of any Video Page.

Alex Itin

Alex Itin Plus

thanks... I guess things moved around with all the new features... takes some time adjusting.

Patrick Moberg

Patrick Moberg Plus


I'm going to look into this right now. I'll let ya know how it goes.

UPDATE: Fixed!

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