Latinos en California

Latinos en California

I can't seem to log out without going through some end-a-round process; the logout choice on the drop down will not let me select it before the entire menu disappears. Secondly, I have trouble getting a custom picture to display for the custom thumbnail. It uploads, but I am never able to select it. Once loaded, it appears to use it on that particular page, but not on any other or as the video thumbnail anywhere else. Again, through trial and error, at times, I can find an end-a-round, but I can never remember the exact process which actually worked. So, each time, it's hit and miss. Please advise.


Soxiam Staff

if you ever have trouble logging out (and i've seen few people reporting this problem with ie7), you can access it via

we are also aware of the thumbnail issue and still looking into this. most often this is cache related issue.

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