Fym team

Fym team

My name is Kosta and I am one of the members of the F.y.m Team from Israel. What we do is to do stunts and extreme things and film them for our TV show.
This idea has been done before by many but we are doing original material to be different. We have made a broadcasting deal with an international TV station that are on the internet. The station is WaveTv and we will be one of the opening material on the station. My intention by this mail is to ask you for sponsorship for our show.
To tell you more about WaveTv and their goal what the internet TV station WaveTv has for its goal is to inspire both young and older people to make short films and TV shows. WaveTv offers to show the material from people as long as it has a creativity, well written and well acted. That’s why we are willing to show it on the station even if it is very low budget made. By giving the young people chance by showing their material we believe we are inspiring and giving them a great experience on this field. But like I said before we aren’t only giving the younger people a chance but also older people. We just want to give people with passion, ambition and dreams the chance they might need.

By making WaveTv an internet TV station we want later to allow everybody in the world to get the same chance. First we start only in Iceland but then we will have it an international station where everything has to be on English although the short films can be on any language. By creating WaveTv we can have one internet TV station with many different material to people of all ages. We insists to have WaveTv as an internet station so it will be open to all the world. On the internet there is an unlimited access so everybody have a chance to see shows from all over the world but all in one language.

WaveTv is interested in making the way for people to be able to see and make shows that are not meant to be seen only in the country they live in. Filmmakers can have their show watched by people all over the world and the show wont fall in a pit with thousands of video clips because it will be a part of the tv program and stays on that program for weeks.

The program will be focusing on TV show and short films. Every material that is sent in to the station will be looked over and everything that is not too offensive in some way, will be aired on WaveTv. WaveTv can also be a great way for film makers, actors and directors to make their first step in their carrier. Also people that just want to make a living and entertainment carrier have a easier chance to have their ideas shown to the world.

For every series we want 6 show minimum and the length of every episode will be 15 min.

The Fym Team show that we have are viewable for people of all ages but we are mainly focusing on people from the age of 18 – 23 years old. Our show is not about filming us downtown on a Friday night drinking Vodka. This is a reality comedy show were we are doing funny things meant for people to laugh. We don’t care if they are laughing with us or at us. Just as long as they enjoy the show and we give them something to smile about.
Our intention is to create a funny show and we are getting a worldwide distribution by showing it on WaveTv.

The company that owns WaveTv is Side Circle Media. They are giving advertisement space to the shows sponsor that will come before and after the show. Of course we will do our utmost to advertise you and your product in our show by mentioning it with words or showing the product on camera.

You can see our myspace site on myspace.com/fymteam and see what Side Circle Media is doing on their site sidecirclemedia.com

Thank you very much for giving you the time to read through this letter and hopefully you will be interested in being our official sponsor.

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Um, so let me get this straight (cuz honestly I didn't read your whole post)... but if I got this right you made and posted a video with closeups of a guy taking a shit and you want people to sponsor ya and give you money so you can make more? Hate to tell ya "Kosta" but not only was your vid horrible on just about every level, its been done before. Look up CKY (Pre Jackass Bam Margera and crew).

- Ray

Fym team

Fym team

hahah lol ok man it only one of the videos.

This one was from a refrigerator.

You can watch other videos that we made:


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