George Ornbo

George Ornbo

Firstly I love vimeo! It is great!

I have an issue with a video I uploaded today:

When the page loads the timer correctly says the video is 5 mins 41 secs. But when it plays it gets clipped off at 5 mins 23 secs and the rest of the content is lost.

I've tried re-uploading a couple of times but no luck.

If I download the original from vimeo it is all there in full 5 minute 41 second glory.

The movie was exported via Quick Time using the HD settings recommended on the Vimeo HD page.


Michael Chwe

Michael Chwe

I have the same issue, with the same setup. The last two seconds of my video are clipped off. Any help would be appreciated!


Blake Whitman

Blake Whitman Staff

Please make sure there is both audio and video for those remaining two seconds, even if that means butting black video or "slugs" to complete the timeline. Also, please make sure you are using 44.1 kHz.



Bryan 19 minutes ago Delete / Edit
got a email saying video is is up but it only shows like 2 seconds of it and the "play meter" says 0:00 and is at the end the entire time......when uploading it showed the whole video uploaded?

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