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I think I've had it with Vimeo's performance. I am waiting for things to get better or 7 months now.

The problem is that tag browsing is very slow. Some times the pages won't load at all, sometimes some thumbnails won't load. No, there is nothing wrong with my browser or internet connection. Yes, sometimes might load fine, but these cases are once every 20 retries. In general, tag browsing is ultra slow, unstable, and weird.
I need these to be spiffy, as is on Youtube. Please note that this is not a case of "Eugenia getting angry again", I have waited for many months for this to be fixed. As a channel moderator, this is the primary way of me using Vimeo. Depending what mirror you hit, your experience will vary.

Browsing the forums is as slow and unstable.


Soxiam Staff

i agree that the tag browse pages can be slow especially on popular tags with a lot of videos.

i've had a discussion with one of our developers. we suspect that removing one of the modules on the page (that's not getting a lot of use) might improve the performance of this page. we will run some tests on monday and possibly turn this module off until we can come up with a better solution.

also, there's been some great advancements lately in how our code deal with the DB on generating 'heavy' pages. we're going to roll out these improvements to more pages soon and we hope it will improve the overall performance of the site.

i know this is not the answer you are looking for but... do you subscribe to these tags? and if so, have you considered using your inbox subscription to keep an eye on new videos with the tags you're looking for? that might be a faster way to browse through these tagged videos right now.

Eugenia Loli

Eugenia Loli Plus

Thanks for the reply. I am looking forward to the optimizations.

I prefer to use the bookmarked pages instead of the inbox solution though. It's cleaner for me, as my homepage on my browser is a custom HTML page I wrote that includes bookmarks in a nice visual way rather than just a list.

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