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Content Creator

Hello guys.

At the moment there should be two test videos available in my account. I've looked at it at 11 AM and everything was fine. Ten minutes later an old video appeared which I had deleted 1 hour ago. I'm not quite sure about the reason for this behaviour. Are there some database problems again?

In addition videos uploaded by Vimeo are set to "private". Yesterday at 11PM and during the whole last month everything was fine uploading the videos this way.

I'm looking forward reading your answer.



Soxiam Staff

yes, this sounds like a database related issue. we've had few spikes on our servers in the last couple of days and things may have been wonky momentarily. right now i am seeing only 1 video on your page.

i am not sure about video turning private though. when the upload process first starts, the video is set to private at first. if there are any issues during the upload, it's possible that video might get stuck as private. sorry about that.

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