Calimesa SDA

Calimesa SDA Plus

Hi, we are having problems with our audio on ONLY the iPhone (4-5). The audio comes out garbled. Every other device works just fine. However, when I download the separate file (640x360) the audio is PERFECT.

This is odd, because I go to another entity that I work for using the same method as us and it works fine

We upload straight from iMovie with the supplied settings.

Any clue what we doing wrong?

1. The Source File that we are exporting from does have 48 kHz audio. I would assume that iMovie converts this (and Vimeo transcodes this later)

I'm going to try to export the video manually and uploading it to.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Hi there, that's odd. I'm re-encoding a mobile version for you now and hoping that will help. Let me know if manually exporting helps. Sorry for the trouble.

Calimesa SDA

Calimesa SDA Plus

Thank you, I'll try to see if I can get to bottom of this!

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