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Angelos Pampos My first short active 1
Angelos Pampos
Vahram Jacobs Power Poison is a short action thriller exploring how power can corrupt judgment active 1
Vahram Jacobs PRO
James Hartey East Coast Bash. A drift event active 1
James Hartey
Taylor Schomp 10 second piece advice active 1
Taylor Schomp
René Huwaë Can't find video anymore active 1
René Huwaë
MRfrukta LOOK AT RUSSIA active 1
MRfrukta Plus
Gökçen Ergene stop-motion chalk animation active 1
Gökçen Ergene
PeDRoPRaTeS.com japan 2011 - footsteps in the sand active 2
Pixelhunters Why Roar? active 1
Pixelhunters Plus
soma helmi Last Night - short film shot in one night with Canon 7D/5Dmk2 with improv dialouge active 1
soma helmi Plus
Sean Tiffin Fit to Burst: the Story of a Man Who Couldn't Pee active 1
Sean Tiffin
Oskar Wettergren Andrew Who - A Short Film About a Dream active 1
Oskar Wettergren
yonatan lehman A film that shows the amazing love of man for his wife - that does not recognise him active 1
yonatan lehman
Scarlet View Media A short about the struggle to launch a Stingray protection project in Mallorca active 2
Scarlet View Media PRO
Alex Donaldson FIRST DEMO REEL! active 4
Alex Donaldson Plus
Yousef Kawar Need your feedback on my new short film active 1
Yousef Kawar
Bee Hive Channel My Live videos of Bee Hive music - I appreciate very much your feedback. active 1
Bee Hive Channel
Taylor Schomp Aspiring animator, looking for feedback and advice :) active 1
Taylor Schomp
Bart Bijzet FEEDBACK on a short video for a graduation project active 1
Bart Bijzet


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