Avinoam ben Mordechai Marcus

Avinoam ben Mordechai Marcus PRO

Hi Vimeo. I am one of your growing list of paid members in Vimeo commercial. I have to upload a number of 30-minute videos to your servers, a couple of times a week. Lately, the uploading of the video will just flat-out stall, stop, burp, give me a "Ooops" message, and sometimes after an all-night upload. It's getting a bit frustrating and unreliable. I'm doing everything according to your compression rules and such. Each of my videos are about 1.10 gig or thereabouts. Can you folks have a look at what might be happening? My internet connections are solid and reliable. Can you please (pretty please) have a look at what is happening and see if this is easily resolved?

Aside from this issue, Vimeo is the best! It's awesome! My commercially paid membership is well worth it. THANKS! I want to stay with you folks for a good long time, if possible. Of course, I do very much need a reliable upload for me to carry on with my business.

Take care everyone. Life is great with Vimeo!

Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Hi there, thanks for the heads up with the uploads issues. This is an aspect of our site that we are constantly working on improving and making more stable. We'll continue to look into it.

Mai Day Productions

Mai Day Productions PRO

I am having the same problems. I have been uploading for years without problems. Youtube works fine. Its pointless to have my membership if this issue is not resolved

Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Sorry for the trouble. We're looking into these issues.

Victory Funeral Services

Victory Funeral Services PRO

How can I get rid of the black splotches in my videos? I've checked to make sure it is not my video with the problem. I've uploaded on YouTube without any problems. I've posted one of the videos with problems, but it is in all that I have uploaded.

Link: vimeo.com/61087646


Mark Staff

Hello! Can you take a screenshot, upload it to ge.tt and post the link back here? I'm not seeing any black splotches.

NRG Digital Group

NRG Digital Group PRO

I have just joined Vimeo Pro and it is taking forever to compress the film, or the upload isn't working . Please let me kow why.


Mark Staff

Looks like it's up now! Sorry about that.

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