Thomas A

Thomas A

Hello, I'm in post production on a music video for a musician who is getting married and subsequently no longer afford it. I don't want to abandon the project as I am near completion but I'm not going to give it to him the music video considering I've had to pay for expenses and taken a loss financially.
If you are a musician and if your music (pre-existing or composed) will fit a Stop Motion "Photo-Montage" music video then please send me your info or post it to this forum. If you are not sure if your music will be a good fit, post it anyway. No worries if my video is too short and your music is too long or vice versa, I'll take care of that. I can re-edit the video to fit your song, not to mention, all of the footage isn't in this version.
I posted a work-in-progress of the music video to the URL link. If the music is a good fit, might promote it and I might submit it to film festivals. This means great free exposure for you.




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