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My company has two vimeo profiles and one is one that I made about a year ago (vimeo.com/altiasystems) and the other (vimeo.com/user14143508) was made by another employee at my company.

I want to access the older account but the two emails that I used for it weren't found on this website / did not match the password, and when I tried logging into the accounts on gmail (our email interface) it said one didn't exist and the other was deleted....

How can I get back into this account if the email account for that account is deleted / I can't log in.
The footage is mine in all the videos on the altiasystems profile and I have proof that I work for the company if it should come to that.

Any help would be required because we're trying to put up a new video ASAP.

All the best,

Links: vimeo.com/altiasystems, vimeo.com/user14143508‎

Ramiz Sheikh

Ramiz Sheikh Plus

Is it possible to get a private message with the email for the vimeo.com/altiasystems account so I can try and look into the email issues associated with that, whether I need to create another email address so I can log back into it and retrieve the password?

Thanks for the help

Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Great. Thanks. We'll follow up with you via email.

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