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I've created a portfolio and the name of the browser tab doesn't come up as the name of the portfolio. This would have been ideal. Instead it acts strangely: if the portfolio has 3 videos named "Vid1", "Vid2" and "Vid3", when you first open the portfolio the tab itself is titled "Vid1". I can select any of the other videos and the tab keeps the title "Vid1" (which is strange if I'm watching "Vid3"). The only time the tab name changes is when I select a video and refresh the page, at which point the name of the tab becomes the title of the current video.
The ideal would be for the tab name to always be the name of the portfolio, failing that the name of the current video. Is there any way to change this? Thanks

Link: vimeopro.com/user3304793/poetry-by-heart-2013/video/65248003

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