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I'm trying to setup a private password-protected access for a group of videos made at a community event. Originally I made the videos "viewable by anyone" but with all other search/privacy settings set to be maximally private and put them in a password-protected album, but then found that the videos were still indexed and not password protected. I then added a common password to each video individually and made the album publicly viewable, however now the videos are not viewable in the album.

My question is, how do I make a groups of videos private (password-protected) but with a single place to enter a password to view them (and only them) that I can advertise to my community?


Mikey Perry

Mikey Perry Staff

As suggested in the thread you linked me to, have you tried creating a private album ( The album you linked me to is not private.

If you add a private video to a password-protected Album, anyone with the password to the Album will be able to watch any private videos within it, without having to enter any additional passwords.

Jonathan Hanke

Jonathan Hanke Plus

Hi Mikey,

I just tried making the album password-protected (with either the same password, or a different one), and while the videos do appear in the album, they still each require the video password. After entering the video password, the videos had an error (video not available). But before that, the video page didn't have a clear way to play the videos. There was only a small link just below the image to the right, which is has the video URL. Any comments are appreciated.

Derek Beck

Derek Beck Staff

Sorry for the trouble! We are currently looking into this issue.

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