Curtis Tongue

Curtis Tongue Plus


I've attempted to add the outro link at the end of the video, and all the settings seem to be configured the enable this feature.

1. I've selected a "link" in the Show field of the Outro.
2. I've specified both a valid URL and inserted the link text.

However, my video does not display the desired URL upon completion.

Is there some other setting or trick that I've missed?



Derek Beck

Derek Beck Staff

This only applies when you embed the video to an external site. This feature will not work on-site. Sorry about that!

Curtis Tongue

Curtis Tongue Plus

Thanks, Derek.

I just took a look at the embedded video and now noticed that I get vertical black bars on the sides of the video. I went through a few forum threads, and it seems that a fix was pushed out in October; however, I couldn't find any explicit instructions on how to fix.

Could you let me know how I can resolve this?



Zena Hirsch

Zena Hirsch Staff

Hi there, it looks like some CSS styles are being applied to our player to adjust the width, resulting in a player aspect ratio that is slightly wider than the the video itself. This results in the black bars you are seeing. I would get in touch with your website's designer / developer to discuss removing these styles.

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