Johan Windh

Johan Windh Plus


I've uploaded a screener of my short film, and want the people who I send the link to, to be able to download the original 4 Gb file.

However, this only seems to work sporadically, most times only the compressed versions are available for download. When I go to my film when logged in, the Original file is always available...

Any help here?

I've tried with several browsers and it only works sporadically.

Derek Beck

Derek Beck Staff

Hi Jonah,

It looks like you have downloading disabled on both of your videos. If you enable downloading the viewer should be able to download your source file.

Johan Windh

Johan Windh Plus

Hi Derek.

I'm afraid it is not as simple as that. As I stated in the original post, it does work, sometimes...

Downloading is enabled.


Johan (not Jonah ;)

Johan Windh

Johan Windh Plus

I think I've found the problem... You need to have a Vimeo account and be logged in, in order to download the Original file.

This is Very, VERY bad.

If you guys can make non-vimeoers download the Original, please do so. Why should they be able to download compressed versions, but not bigger ones?

Please fix this!

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