heardFrom Plus

I would like to see a toggle switch as part of the embed presets that would allow us to force the embedded video to a default of "Scaling Off".



Soxiam Staff

In general we don't want to override people's viewing preference unless it's a feature specific to Vimeo Plus such as SD/HD. We will take your suggestion and consider it but keep in mind that the reason why you can choose to watch videos with scaling on or off as you wish is precisely because we don't override your viewing preference settings.



WE REALLY REALLY WANT to have "Scaling Off". I see the ability to remove the button. But we need the ability to make "Scaling Off" by default.

If you can't or need help coding this then we will code this for free - peaceofcode.com


Service2Client LLC

Service2Client LLC PRO

Yes me too. I also noticed that 720x540 scaling off is the correct size and gives the very best perceived resolution but the normal play embedded code which says 720x540 is actually shown in a slightly larger size like 740x560 looks more fuzzy, although the code say 720x540, anyone know why this is.

2 Backpackers

2 Backpackers

I wold like to have the ability to constrain the scaling to maximize at my videos file size. For instance, when a viewer clicks full screen, I want to video to maximize at a resolution of 720p, because that is my video file's resolution. I see that I can elect to show or hide the scaling button in the embed settings, but I don't think this achieves what I want.


heardFrom Plus

Soxiam, appreciate you taking it into consideration.

RE the user being in control... From my personal experience the scaling setting on the user side does not stick. I have hit "scaling off" on almost every HD video I have ever watched on Vimeo, but at least in Safari on Mac (with cookies enabled), it's not persistent from browser session to browser session (shutting down Safari and relaunching later). It does stick during the same session.

Assuming you're having the preference expire at the end of each session, another solution might be to give users an option in their account preferences to turn things like that off permanently? Just a thought. Thx!

Andrew Lavigne

Andrew Lavigne Plus

I'd like to add my voice to the request for such a flag. At the very least, it would be nice to be able to specify the default setting for scaling to 'off'. If a user then turns scaling on and that becomes their preference, so be it - but it would be very nice for the default to be controllable (to be clear, as opposed to a setting that would always force scaling on or off, which seems to have been mentioned in earlier posts).

Joeness Brother

Joeness Brother Plus

+1 to all sentiments expressed.

I just want the option of setting the Scaling value of my videos to 'off'.

The current implementation of relying on browser cookies for this preference on each and every end user is inefficient imo. Not to mention that many viewers may not be technically savvy, thus not noticing the scaling button in the first place and as a result are viewing blown out and fuzzy footage by default.

It would be best that upon full screen viewing the video is shown at the file's native resolution. Should the end user later decide to bleed the footage to the edge of their screens, so be it.


countingcook Plus

YES! Having the ability to set scaling off, and then people can choose to scale up would be great. Agreed.

Chris Raezer

Chris Raezer Plus

I'll add my vote to this as well. While I appreciate Vimeo's philosophy of giving viewers maximum control, I believe in this instance we, the content creators, should be given control. I feel the odds of my work being viewed as I intended are better if scaling is off. I can't know the screen size or resolution of all the potential viewers, nor if they are savvy enough to notice the scaling button and turn it off.

Richard Howell

Richard Howell Plus

I like the idea of having scaling initially set to off. If people want to scale up, which looks pretty bad, then maybe let them do so. But, default should be off! If the default is set to on, the unsuspecting viewer will be watching degraded images without knowing he or she may have a choice. That's just not right.

COLORFULgrey Zach Settewongse

COLORFULgrey Zach Settewongse PRO

As a PLUS member I'm the one paying. I should decide how my videos are seen. SCALING OFF!

I will also back up what heardFrom said as I have to click scaling off every time. It does not remember it.

If I wanted the user to have control then I would use YouTube and not pay for PLUS.


Soxiam Staff

But the same argument also applies to YOU, right? No one else can override YOUR viewing preference because they are plus members right now. Don't you think that's a valuable feature as a user?

COLORFULgrey Zach Settewongse

COLORFULgrey Zach Settewongse PRO

As an artist I want to view other artist work exactly how they intend me to see it. So I would not have an issue and would prefer it. Vimeo is all about pro's and artist controlling how their content is seen. Maybe there could just be a small icon or text that says something like "artist playback setting ON" and it would always have to be turned off manually. So it would be our choice to turn it on and the viewers would know that.


Mike Plus

Any news on this issue? I would also like to have my embedded videos default to "scaling OFF" It just looks so much better than upresing to fill the whole screen.

Ryan A Beal

Ryan A Beal Plus

Yes default off with the option on if you'd like big and fuzzy. Default HD (Scaling off) doesn't keep the artist who likes fuzzy and big from having the option.

We are paying for the HD quality for others to see HD quality. Especially for those viewers who don't understand scaling, they are just are getting bad 1st impression with the video quality.

Isn't the demand with TV, Phones, cameras>More Clear, HD, higher pixels more realistic to life? I don't know how many times I've seen the commercial of that phone that had a clear picture of a spider on the phone, the woman screaming and the coworker smashing the phone because the spider on the phone looked so clear and realistic.

I work days to have a HD quality movie, waiting long for preliminary HD quality downloading from my programs, PAY for HD quality Plus for HD choices only to default to "fuzzy" non- HD for my viewers. Most viewers are computer illiterate and all they see is the fuzzy default. It becomes boring to them and they don't want to finish the movie. I am thinking of looking for another company. I wish I didn't have to cross that thought because the owners are nice, upbeat, and everything else is fine. But if my goal was HD and I don't get that for my viewers, then I am not getting what I paid for.

James Rouse

James Rouse Plus

plus a million to this. I'm caught in a half way house and have instead opted to show videos with enable full screen disabled.

I'd much prefer to be able to allow users to open up in fullscreen but not be able to scale the video beyond it's 1280x720 resolution. pretty please.


G.Taylor Plus

1280x720 video is a popular format, but it looks dreadful when scaled up to 1920x1080 on my full screen. Please please please give us a way to have our video start with scaling off -- rather than on -- and if the user is savvy enough, they can click to enable scaling.
In other words - do the opposite of now: default should be scaling off, and users can choose to turn it on. Result: many Vimeo videos will look better. Vimeo will look better. Users still have choice. And the unaware user (like me for the past year!) will have a better experience.

Alex Norris

Alex Norris PRO

Yes please!!! It does seem to be completely the wrong way round at the moment.

Why default to the video looking terrible? Set the default to 'scaling off' and give people the option of scaling it up if they actually want to.

Surely that would strike the right balance between maintaining viewer control and allowing members some creative control over how their work is viewed?

If 'scaling on' resulted in a decent looking picture then this wouldn't matter - of course. But it is blatantly obvious to everyone that it does the opposite - it makes even the best-looking video look pretty crappy. And that isn't doing anyone any favours - Vimeo least of all.

Please, please, please make this simple change asap!!!

Adam Sacco

Adam Sacco

I agree with the above comment. I followed video and encoding setting to upload to vimeo to have my video unable to be viewed it its recomended settings?? Its either really small or blown out. I want peolple to see my video as clear as possible and HD seems to be useless if its blown out. I would prefer SD at the videos actual size.


Soxiam Staff

Allowing Plus users to set default full-screen scaling setting (for those viewers without their preferences set_) on their embedded videos is something we are considering at this time.

Willian Aleman

Willian Aleman PRO

I believe that directors and cinematographers (Vimeo's members), want to see the video displayed at their intended resolution and not leave the quality display of the video in the hands of the viewers. The enlargement of the picture beyond the original intended resolution only becomes a distraction to the story. Side effects are not part of the story. Then, I agree that this feature should be a Vimeo's members option and not the end users.


packafoma Plus

I see both sides of this argument. Back in the days of standard def (if only such days were truly history), it would kill me when I heard someone complain about a letterboxed version of a DVD because they wanted it to "fill the whole screen." I would try to explain that the non-letterboxed version actually crops out a significant portion of the picture and that this was not how the director intended her work to be viewed.

But this is different, because Vimeo player scaling does not alter the aspect ratio. I'm sure that the functionality that the majority of online video viewers expect is that when they hit the full screen button, it will fill out the screen in at least one direction. If they have specifically chosen to disable scaling, that's great. If they have specifically chosen to enable scaling, then I think you have to respect that setting.

As far as those viewers who haven't set the option one way or another, I agree that it would be a nice feature to allow Vimeo members to set a default preference. I don't think it would be a good idea to "force" the setting in a way that overrides a user's preferences though. That's akin to sites that screw with my browser window size.

Insight Films

Insight Films Plus

Come on Vimeo... This thread has been going for 11 months. Professional users need to default scaling to OFF.
My clients are starting to ask about alternative hosting for their videos. This is a MUST!!!!!!!

Luis Sanchez

Luis Sanchez Plus

Yes, sometimes you want your client to perceive your work in a very specific resolution. They may not be aware that having scaling on is a default option for them, and may thing that your video/portfolio is just low quality and just not what they are looking for. This is very, very common, especially as most clients are oblivious to such things.

Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes Plus

Pardon my ignorance but what is "scaling" on/off ? is it fullscreen?

Id like to be able to set preferences in my videos so that when folk click the link to watch it, it automatically plays fullscreen without the need to press that star shaped icon next to the HD icon. Is this possible now im a Plus member

Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes Plus


Wandering Minds

Wandering Minds

Hi, I'm new to Vimeo (potentially looking to swap to a pro account in the next few months). I'm recording my screen & really wish to specify scaling-off as a default so that the text is as crisp as possible (if the user overrides it, fine, but by default I'd like to ensure the videos display as intended) so another huge upvote for this.

Grumble Film

Grumble Film

How do I turn the scaling off??? I have turned it off but still it is scaling far to big??? What is this for strange feature??? If I want it bigger I will upload it klike that myself. Please turn the scaling off please!!!!

Grumble Film

Grumble Film

If this is a feature that I cant control I will go to another host for my clients. Plaese tell me how to turn it off.

Ask A Biologist

Ask A Biologist Plus

I am not sure if adding one more voice to this thread is going to help, but here goes. It seems to make sence for video creators to have control over the initial scaling of a video. Viewers could override the setting if they want. We just want the option of setting the initial preferred view of our work for our audience.

Ben Weinstein

Ben Weinstein Plus

I want to set my videos so the scaling button is OFF. I do not want my video BLOWN up 40 % so it looks soft and blocky. This is infuriating.

Critical Distance

Critical Distance Plus

i'll be upgrading to a plus account within the next 48 hours and i would like to be able to make the default choice as well. for the site im currently on, i would prefer for the embeds, when full screen is activated, for the auto-scaling to be turned on...but for some reason the default is auto scaling off...

give people the choice, vimeo

Johanne Debas

Johanne Debas Plus

Is it possible to choose a white letterbox ?
I'm not very happy with the quality of my video and the black view windows is horrible !???
I'll try to compresse my video to the format size, but i always get a black frame !
make it white please


StudioXOP Plus

New plus user
very desapointed by the fact that you can't turn scaling off in embed video as well



"... As a PLUS member I'm the one paying. I should decide how my videos are seen. SCALING OFF!...." (COLORFULgrey Zach Settewongse)
Me too!

Juan Cadaveira

Juan Cadaveira PRO

"... As a PRO member I'm the one paying. I should decide how my videos are seen. SCALING OFF!...."
Me too!

Shalom Ormsby

Shalom Ormsby

Please give us the option to turn scaling off for our embeds. It's our content. We need to be able to control the viewing experience. If we, the content creators, want to turn scaling off, so that our videos aren't upscaled beyond their native resolution (thereby looking big and fuzzy), if it's very important to some of us to be able to do this, doesn't it make sense that we would have the ability to do this? It's such a simple issue.

Come on, Vimeo! You're generally such a cool and responsive company. Show us how cool you are now by listening to our many requests on this issue and letting us have this ability to control how our own content displays.

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Sorry but at this time scaling is something we're leaving up to the viewer. We tend to think about it this way: If you were the viewer, wouldn't you want to control how large you saw the video when entering full screen? It would be a little disappointing I'd think to bring the video into full screen and not have it fit the window.

That said we're not discounting this as a possibility in the future.

Shalom Ormsby

Shalom Ormsby

Thanks for your response. Although I have a different opinion, I appreciate that you're making a considered decision about this. I'm glad to hear that you're considering this for the future. In the big picture, it's not such a huge deal. I'll keep using Vimeo to post my work because all told, Vimeo really is the best option out there. Power on!



Every video is different. I understand the user may want to change it (so yeah, keep the button) but my video was designed to be seen in 720x540. Not everyone notices the scaling off button so they just have to watch it tiny or fuzzy (at full screen).


imagetek Plus

Paying + customers should have artistic control to set scaling off as a default, period. The enlarged version looks like crap and as discerning artists this is a nightmare. We're not happy about this.

Chuck Marunde

Chuck Marunde

The default should be scaling off. There is no question about this Vimeo. You are wrong to make scaling on the default. When my video goes full screen on a 27 inch screen, it looks pretty crappy. If scaling is off, it looks great. That's what I want, and guess what? I am a paying customer just like all these other folks that are demanding scaling be off as a default. We know what our customers want, and we know how we want to present our videos. I do not appreciate a technician telling me how to do my marketing when I know better. By the way, I still use Youtube a lot for my videos, because you refuse to change this. You see when I embed a small video only 239 pixels wide in the margin of my blog, my clients want to make it full screen so they can view it properly, but full screen with scaling off will make it appear less than excellent quality on a large monitor. Clients don't know anything about the scaling off option, so they don't use it.

Chuck Marunde

Chuck Marunde

Why can't you make the default scaling off, and include the same little option for viewers that says "scaling on," instead of the other way around?

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi Chuck,

We appreciate your feedback, but unfortunately we feel differently. We want users to have control over how they view the video. The most popular option for full screen is to have it scaled to fit the screen itself.

We'll always give users the choice, but for now we're not letting creators force viewers into a certain option.


ZebraZapps PRO

I could not agree with the need to to have a scaling on/off default in the video settings. To me this seems like a very easy addition to the system. This is one of the most annoying aspects of a wonderful Vimeo delivery system!

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