Adam Grabowski

Adam Grabowski Plus

Dear Vimeo Staff,
I love my vimeo plus account, except for a few minor things:
When I set the custom embed options to hide all, it overlays the play button right in the middle of the thumbnail, obscuring the view of the frame. Is there any way to move it or keep it in the bottom left, out of the way? Similar to the cargo video player? Any help would be appreciated



Soxiam Staff

It was designed to clearly indicate that the thumbnail represents a video only when everything else is turned off. Right now there's no way to position the play button elsewhere.

brian cresto

brian cresto

I have this same problem!
can anyone help?

Digital Masters

Digital Masters PRO

Yes, the play button would be better bottom left. It obscures peoples faces for first 5 secs. Thats a long time on a 15 second spot.

Arc Image Media

Arc Image Media Plus

I Third this suggestion. I just signed up for a Plus account happy to be able to 'fully customize' the player to levels that are unbelievable (not quoting the sales pitch exactly, but close). To find the play/pause button there was a bit disappointing, but I understand why it's there. But it would be far better off to be away from the center of the frame where it obscures faces in autoplay - as previously stated by Digital Masters. I'm sure people could figure out it's a video if the button isn't in the middle. If it needs to be in the middle, what about delaying showing up in autoplay until the clip is done? That way people don't accidentally mouse over and see the button during the clip. Thanks.

Bernd VanSkiver

Bernd VanSkiver

I'd like the option to remove this play button completely.

Taylor James

Taylor James PRO

+1 for this issue, we have a lot of very short videos, the play button is often obscuring the content for a huge percentage of the play time.


Soxiam Staff

We're considering adding this option for our Plus and PRO users to use in customizing their embed players in our next release.

Marc Almon

Marc Almon Plus

I'm glad Vimeo is looking at adding this option. I agree with the above comments, and it would be great to have the play button customizable.


UKfilmNet Plus

Please do this asap. Having a remoable playbar but at the expense of putting a play button dead centre is a high price to pay. PLEASE allow users to decide where to put the button on their content.

Blink Tower

Blink Tower PRO

+1! Being able to embed videos like those on the Vimeo homepage (where it starts with Play button bottom left, video time bottom right, no playbar) would be seriously helpful.

Adam Grabowski

Adam Grabowski Plus

Dear Vimeo Staff,
I noticed in my Vimeo homepage feed, the play button has been relocated to the bottom left for all videos.
I am curious as to why this is still not an option for embedded videos, especially as a Plus customer?

Laura Borgio

Laura Borgio

Yes I agree. Could you please make this feature available to all?

Go Connect

Go Connect Plus

I agree completely, allowing us to choose location would be wildly helpful.

Custo Barcelona

Custo Barcelona PRO

please, users plus we should have the ability to hide the button for play / pause that appears in the middle, is unsightly to the design of our site.


ChairTV Plus





I'm signed up to Plus and am also very frustrated that I can not reposition the play button... Please Vimeo give us some credit and make this option available... So much hard work is degraded by having this dead centre! Thank you.

Larry Chin

Larry Chin PRO

I agree, the play button should at least be to the bottom, not in the middle of the embedded video.

Moment Films

Moment Films

What would be super ideal is if the play button was still located on the bottom left even when all other functions were turned off, but there was the option to display the video length in minutes and seconds inside the play arrow. Would look clean but still give viewers the essential info they need when deciding whether to activate a video.

Vimeo you rock - so pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase do it.

Also the option to autoload but not autoplay all the videos on a page would be nice.


Jack Shenon

Jack Shenon

You should at least allow users to add their own custom play button with the ability to determine how long it is on screen once the video has started.

Dana Reeves

Dana Reeves Plus

Any update on this issue? Can we reposition (or remove) the play button yet? Very frustrating ...

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Sorry, but at this time we're not working on this request.

Feiner Arts

Feiner Arts Plus

I just got myself a plus account and I have a small clip I wish to embed. It's short and it will end before the player button fades away. The vital content of the clip is thereby obscured by the player button throughout the entire sequence. Best would be to be able to hide the button, but if that's not possible, at least let us be able to position it in a corner so that the video isn't destroyed or overly obscured by a big button smack in the middle of the content.

My only other option currently would be to keep the play bar at the bottom, but this also defeats it's purpose by obscuring too much of the content. Other than this I think Vimeo is brilliant.


misterpadgers Plus

Staff Memebers.

The year is 2014. Everyone on Earth knows how the internet works. Please add this feature. At least for us pro users. This is ridiculous.


PhoneSuit PRO

Please listen to your customers. We are paying for a service. Allow the the play/pause button to be removed or at least repositioned. Judging by the comments this has been an issue for years. As misterpadgers said, "the year is 2014".

Beyond this issue, which is frustrating and lingers in my mind, Vimeo is awesome.

The 3 Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet PRO

This is so ridiculous.

We need to be able to remove the play button. I autoplay my videos - and it is so annoying to have a giant pause button right in the center lasting for about 5 seconds - pretty much suggesting to the visitor to pause the video - rendering the autoplay useless!


Norwich University

Norwich University Plus

I'm a paying client and would really like to hide the pause/play button. I don't understand why this is an issue.

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