Drew Baker

Drew Baker

Hey Guys,
I struggled with the Froogaloop2 API, and I see that a lot of people have. The official example provided by Vimeo is confusing for the beginner, and it's hard to find a basic example of how to use the JS API.

That is why I made this example:

It covers the basics of setting up an event listener and also calling a method (in this case, playing the video on load).

As shown in my example, make sure you do the following:
- Add the API script to the HEAD.
- Match the IFRAME "id=" with the "player_id=" in the query string.
- Add "api=1" to the query string of the video.
- Add the event to the IFRAME using the Froogaloop library.

Damian Keeghan

Damian Keeghan

Drew, you sir, are a legend! The official documentation doesn't make it clear that you need the api=1 and player_id=x on it.

GG Filmz

GG Filmz PRO

This has helped me SOOOO much! Thank you!

Dear Vimeo support team,


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