Sanaz Sattari

Sanaz Sattari


UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who replied! Our animation now has a composer and a sound designer.

My name is Sanaz. I am the producer for Scarpe D'Amore, a short ~2 minute animated love story about feet. It is a one-quarter project for a class at SCAD. We have 7 more weeks to finish and present the project. Our animatic is up at
It's a student short so all we can offer are boxes of cookies and the promise of a great exposure - we'll be sending it to many festivals when it's done!

The story is set in Italy, and it's a comedy/romantic piece. The temp music we have on there is fairly close to the style we want, but we're hoping to integrate the sound effects and the arc of the story in the music as much as possible.

We would love to hear samples of your work if you are interested in working with us.

You can send all emails to .

- Sanaz


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