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Clicking the link to my video brings up a horrible picture of the interviewer in mid sentence. I'd like to plug in a nice photo of the interview subject with a title. How do I do that?

matt wolfe [cc]

matt wolfe [cc] Plus

Click on your video to bring up its page.

Underneath the paragraph describing your video, and about the statistics of the video, there is a series of blue boxes. Click on the one called SETTINGS.

On the the first menu it brings you to, scroll down until you see the THUMBNAILS sections. You can select one of the other 7 or 9 thumbnails that are generated when your video is being encoded by VIMEO.

OR, click on the last box in the thumbnail section, it is the white box with the gray plus sign in the center. That will allow you to upload a thumbnail of your own making.


Steve Plus

Related to original question -I can find the thumbnails you refer to but they are all "greyed out" and the only available option is "delete" it won't let me select an alternate to the default (1st) thumbnail. Clicking on the white box with the plus, nothing happens.

Any ideas?

matt wolfe [cc]

matt wolfe [cc] Plus

Thumbnails are only kept for a short time. But if VIMEO has deleted the thumbnails, then you wouldn't even see those extra thumbnails. The grayed out thumbnails should have a red/pink box on the upper right with an X marked on it. If you hover your mouse icon over it, then it should pop up: "delete this thumbnail?"

However, if you just hold your mouse icon over the grayed out thumbnail, can you click it so that it is no longer in gray? Does it have a blue box around it as well? If you can, that means you just chose that as the thumbnail, and then all you need to do is click on the bottom where it says: "save changes".

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