Felix G.

Felix G.

I am really sad about leaving Vimeo.
It was a great service.

I have a technical background, so I understand techical problems.
But all I have seen in the last weeks is you blaming encoding, browsers , user-side configurations and suggesting starts&stops, when it worked like a charm month ago.

Vimeo has problems. And we can understand it.
But if you try to hide them, deny them, then you are triying to cheat on me.
And this is something I can not stand.

I am not renewing also because I did not see any effort on your side to see US, "plus users" leaving. Not even a mail, not even a word on your side.
I write you on twitter and you proudly said ,about me leaving, "we will be here if your ever change your mind" . Truly sad.

You got my mail address.
I will be here if you change yours.

Felix G.
Take care of your users. Is the only thing you've got.

Cameron Christopher

Cameron Christopher Staff

Hey Felix,

We do our best to take care of our users. We haven't tried to hide or deny our issues, and are working on our issues with uploading at the moment, as you can see in the Current Bugs posts at the top of this forum. Things that may have worked a month ago have hiccups as we make changes and upgrade the technical side of things.

I'm sorry you're unhappy, and sorry for the issues you've had, but I can only echo that we are working on it and doing our best! When you have a problem, and let us know, someone is reading it and trying to fix it!

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