Jamie Sergeant

Jamie Sergeant

I'm looking for a composer for a short student film. The film is based around the ideas of governmental control and loss.

I'm looking for an electronic sound like the soundtrack of the film Hanna.

If your interested and want to know more bout the project please contact me either on this tread or by messaging my vimeo account.

Unfortunately I won't be able to pay you but I think it would be great for both experience and a showreel.


Jamie Sergeant



Hi Jamie,
check my website: bensound.com
All tracks are creative commons licensed, you can use them freely in your film as long as you credit me.


Arthur T

Arthur T


I would gladly score your short film, I work with independent moviemakers/video games and I would be more than happy to participate in your film!

You can contact me via Vimeo or email : arhur.tabatchnic@gmail.com

Best regards,

Richard Batchelor

Richard Batchelor

Hi there, my name is Richard Batchelor, I've been composing music for 15 years now, have a BA honours degree in Music.
Below are a few hyperlinks

This is a playlist with all of my previous short films and commercial projects.

And heres a composers reel showing a variety of styles I write in. 

Hope to hear from you soon and looking forward to working with you.

Warm Regards

Richard Batchelor


Madsen Studios LLC

Madsen Studios LLC Plus


I might be able to contribute a song or two, provided that I'm able to retain all ownership of the material since this is a non-paid job. Get in touch if you're interested. Best of luck!



Link: madsenstudios.com

Ithaca Audio

Ithaca Audio Plus

Hi Jamie,

We are a specialist audio production company from Brighton, UK.

We really like videos on your page and the sound of your upcoming short film. We'd love to find out more about the project.

We are confident that we can provide you with a soundtrack that meets your criteria. Please take a look at our showreel and also our Soundcloud page for examples of our music.



Links: ithacaaudio.com/showreel/, soundcloud.com/ithaca-audio

Sema Karnjanarat

Sema Karnjanarat


I'm Bay area composer.
I have a background in classical music and in a rock band, kind of have experience from both world for more than 10 years.
I also graduated from college of music.
Please check some of my music semakarn.com
This company with picture semakarn.com/Video_Reel.html

Looking forward to hear from you
Thank you

Alex Blackstaffe

Alex Blackstaffe

Hey there I am a professional Composer, Sound Designer and Foley Artist I would love to be involved with your project.
Check out the link to the trailer for the award winning film 'Black Hill.' for which I composed the score. The Score received positive reviews from Debbie Isitt (Director of Nativity): ‘The score so epic and biblical almost in its feel.’
Other portfolio projects can be listened to on the below link.

Malcolm Galloway

Malcolm Galloway

Hi, I'm the singer/songwriter/guitarist/keyboard player from London based rock band Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate, but I also write music suitable for films, including experimental (horror film type unpleasant music), classical, minimalist, ambient/chillout, electronica, and blues. I'm interested in either providing existing music for films, or developing collaborations with interesting film-makers.

The link below is to a sampler of short extracts from a variety of tracks in a wide range of styles. If you'd like to hear my rock band material visit reverbnation.com/itsadequate, or to see some of my videos, visit youtube.com/itsadequate

If you'd like to discuss possible collaboration on films or other media, please email hatsofffb at gmail.com

Best wishes,

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