URide TV

URide TV

I usually done searches on the subject "windsurf" but this is the same search results since one week which are find without any new videos. It's really surprising because normally it's more than 10 new movies by day for this search criteria

Christle Kiely

Christle Kiely

This search issue is super inconvenient and has been an issue for over a week. I've switched all of my videos to youtube.

Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Sorry about that, Christie. Searching for users should now be available again. Clip re-indexing has begun and you should slowly start to see some relevant results again. This process can take a few more days, but we thank you for your patience!



I still can't find my videos in hard enduro search. Question has to be asked. U sure shiney new comp. better? Can u put them in manually?

Links: hard enduro (up the creek)55594526, hard enduro holey plains55325823

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