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So I finished paddling the Colorado River from source to sea last winter, and I'm editing up a time lapse of the trip. I took about 30-60 photos per day of the trip over 113 days, so I've got a really cool progression from 3 feet of snow in Wyoming to a dried up riverbed in Mexico. I've tried a lot of music with this piece (about 3 mins long, but I might shorten it to 2 mins), but nothing seems to work. I'd like some help from an experienced sound designer to make something fit this unique time lapse. You can see some of my other work on willsn.com. I don't have any guaranteed money for this, but I suspect it will attract some attention. If you're interested, please send me a message and I'll give you access to the timelapse on Vimeo.



Link: willsn.com

Nick Duggan

Nick Duggan

Hi There,

I would love to see what you are referring to. I have some ideas though from what you describe. Sometimes traditional harmony and tonal music just doesn't work.

Please look at my website and checkout the 'Films' link and specifically 'NASA Space' 'Clouds' and 'Lights'. Of course feel free to listen to other music examples.

Hope this is of interest.


Link: bangonatindrum.com


AxMusik Plus


I would love to see the footage!

You can see some examples of my music here




Will Stauffer-Norris

Will Stauffer-Norris PRO

Thanks a lot for the great response! I have found someone to work with so I don't need help any more. Look for the finished product soon!

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