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i just uploaded a video (it's a private one for now, so i don't want to share it here) and exactly followed the vimeo guidelines for compressing. i have uploaded it with different kbps rates (5000, then 10000) and the same thing happens every time: there are scenes with high contrast and a lot of movement (fire burning up paper) and i get very disturbing horizontal flickering lines in there when watching.
the files are perfectly fine on my computer. i have searched the forum for this problem and have found a couple of people who seemed to have the same problem. you asked them if it gets better if they switch to html5 player in safari. i did that and yes, it looks fine that way. i couldn't find out if any of the other people who asked found a solution.
once the video is officially online, i surely can't ask every viewer to switch to a different browser (if they're using firefox, like a lot of people do) and switch to a different player? isn't there a solution for this?


Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Hi Anna, so to clarify, the video displays fine in Html5 but poorly in Flash? If you would like to follow up privately so as to not paste your link in the public forum, can you please message us via

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