Keren Seol

Keren Seol

Hi Everyone,
I am looking for composer who can create music for short film 'M'.

'M' is a thesis project at New York Film Academy about In 1930, people express their own deep desire through the reaction of event in circus. It is suspense drama.
We have filmed with Amazing cast members with minimalist style. I am truly believe that it will have a huge chance of getting good feedback from Premier Film Festival.

As I mention it, it is a students project so I will be only able to provide credit on IMDB and follow up for film festival. However, depend on Composer's ability, we would discuss further.
Please send me your link and contact.
I prefer to have someone who is familiar with 1930s style of music but it is not necessary.
Thank you very much.
-Producer 'Keren'


Joss Holden-Rea

Joss Holden-Rea

Looks like a really interesting project, one i'd love to sink my teeth into.

Please check out all my previous work and credits here:

Or have a look at some recent work on my Vimeo account.

I am a fully trained Jazz musician and would love to get stuck into that 1930's sound.
Email me at
I look forward to hearing from you and possibly collaborating with you in the future.

Vincent Andelmoth

Vincent Andelmoth

Greetings from Athens,

I have already dropped you a line with a very detailed bio at the email account you have provided above.
I would definitely love to work on something for "M" since that circus grotesque atmosphere is something i am into :)
If you wish have a look at my bandcamp profile : where you can find some samples of my work and if you like what you hear please drop me a line at :

Below i provide you a couple of videos/short films which feature my music.
Thank you very much in advance and i hope that you may find something that interests you

All the best


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