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VJWorld Visuals FREE Halloween FIRE Video for Parties (Limited Time Free) active 1
VJWorld Visuals PRO
masif FREE Composer available
by masif
active 1
Will Shaman Looking for composers and sound designers active 8
Alex Howard
Amy Hartley Looking for Composer & Sound Designer for Animated Short active 7
Alex Howard
Tony Wanted Music Composer for short film 40 min lenght active 7
Ian Fisher
Nick Bibbo Composer needed for Short Cinematography Reel active 8
Alex Howard
Honey B Singh Wanted: Music Composer for Student Film Shot In India active 14
Alex Howard
Dwed Need Horror, Thriller Short story for new and unique Short animated film
by Dwed
active 2
João Pascoal
AmoreWeddingPhotography.com Freelance Video Editor Wanted (edit from home) active 81
mkh design
Luke Joyce Musician seeking sound tracking opportunities active 1
Luke Joyce
Nick Bibbo Composer needed for 25 second long Fashion short film active 6
Anxo Martinez Calvo
Alex Kingham Soundtrack Composer Needed active 15
Anxo Martinez Calvo
Soma Studio Music composer Looking for project active 1
Soma Studio
Bell Soto LOOKING for soundtrack / music composers for short Film projects active 137
Terry Owen
Michail Korobov Composing Soundtracks and Creating Sound Design For Your Games and Media active 1
Michail Korobov
Allan Brown Music Composer Available active 1
Allan Brown
andy lefton Looking for sound composer / designer for 3D animated short film active 21
Michail Korobov
Eric Matyas All music at soundimage.org is now free for commercial use active 11
Eric Matyas
L Crucé Searching for 4K 3D content to license active 1
L Crucé
Ashley Smith Films Plus


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