Gil Michael

Gil Michael

I wrote a song called "Roads" inspired by my passion for motorcycle riding. It came tome when I was walking with my kids on an abandoned road with weeds growing though the cracks. So the lyrics came to mind " Riding down this old forgotten road, see the seasons have taken a heavy toll. Nothing like the road I knew back when, I'd carve this canyon rode up with my friends" and then a chorus came to me "And the endless seasons of time have washed away all those signs of familiar places I once called home. And the places I left behind live only in my mind and stay with me wherever I may roam"

A friend of mine let me use his helmet cam riding video for the song but really I have been looking and wanting ever since to find a much better motorcycle video to go with the song.
A video that really has a sentimental feel for bikes such as maybe classic bikes or riding with old friends etc....

Wanted: A motorcycle related video to go with the song

Offered: The song for use in your video


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