Nicholas Watson

Nicholas Watson

1. I can create bespoke single use tracks or complete soundtracks tailored to your precise requirements.

2. My music is available for free in exchange for credit.

3. I already have an eclectic catalogue of music ready for use in your film for free in exchange for credit.

4. I have experience in composing music for short films/documentaries/spec ads and film introductions.

5. You can see my past work for yourself on my website

6. I can compose for a wide range of genres, be it alternative rock, blues, classical or ambient, I am proficient in many styles of music.

7. My home studio includes top quality professional hardware and industry leading software including a complete set of Waves plugins, Logic Pro 9, 8 East West packages and many more.

7.5 Kid Rock once said my music was 'rock-a-doodle-doo'


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