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We are a production company with expertise in providing high quality video for a diversity of clients. Our talented team includes producers, directors, editors and experts in motion graphics. Together, we bring creative flair and technical expertise to every level of video production.

Promotional videos, filming at conferences and corporate events, web video content, documentary films, video tutorials, brand show-reels, TV and cinema advertising – whatever our clients’ vision for video in their business, we are dedicated to bringing it to life.

Since 2007 weʼve been producing high quality video content that delivers outstanding results across Marketing, Training, Internal Communications and Events sectors.

What makes us unique is that we donʼt just talk creative, we speak business too. By having a sound understanding of client priorities, we are able to provide professional consultancy at all levels, from concept development through to strategy. Put simply, we donʼt just produce video; weʼll help you to get the most value out of it too.

We are redefining the ʻcorporate videoʼ. We simply donʼt do dull or boring. Instead, we draw heavily on cinematic techniques in order to achieve a finished product that looks and feels a lot more like something you would watch on TV than you would expect to see in a meeting room.

We film using the latest High Definition (HD) recording equipment, broadcast sound and lighting. Whatʼs the difference? In short, Standard Definition (SD) has less information or ʻpixelsʼ than HD. Less information means less detail and less detail means lower quality. By filming in HD, this ensures maximum image quality.

Corporate and online video can be exciting and engaging. You need to work with a team that understands that.

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