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Fox In The Box is an innovative young and creative company specializing in design, animation and media production. Our primary focus is animation and motion graphics for video advertisement, web, and graphic design. Registered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in October of 2011, our team has over three years experience in the field, completing outsourced projects for clients in the United States, Australia, the UK, the Philippines, Germany, the UAE and Canada.
Outsourcing has its advantages. As a team, we endeavor to give our clients the best possible output for their budget. On, we’ve completed more than 150 projects, and within less than two years we’ve been listed among the top media, animation, and video related providers on the site. We strive to push our limits, trying our hand at cutting-edge techniques, always finding new and creative ways to surprise our clients. We regard every job as a unique and engaging challenge for us. Short fiction movies, TV commercials, animated stories, and stop motion animation are but a small part of what we do, and we look forward to testing ourselves in the future.
Nonetheless our moto: The Quality Obliges!
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Animation, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Logo Animation, Video Branding, Post Production, Design, Branding, Presentations, Videography, Commercials, Ads, Kinetic Typography, Media Production, Video encoding & trans-coding.

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