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Fractures Photo Collective was born in Spring 2011 and is primarily based out of Barcelona, Spain. We created the collective with the belief that photography can be an effective tool in confronting systems of oppression and exploitation. Through visually documenting individual struggles against social injustice, economic profiteering, and environmental degradation, we hope to raise public awareness about these issues and thereby contribute to a broader societal debate.

As individuals we’ve joined together in a collective because we believe in horizontal organizational structures, and the collective process are critical in creating a praxis for tackling the complex world in which we live. Both serve to challenge us as photographers to broaden our individual critiques and analysis. The collective acts as a check and balance against individual protagonism, thus taking us beyond our subjective experiences and limits. In short, the collective, is part of the world we seek to help construct.

To date the collective is made up of four professional freelance photographers; Guillaume Darribau, William Sands, Anderson Barbosa and Oscar B.Castillo.

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